Neary Rail > Level Crossings

Neary Rail have extensive experience of maintaining and installing level crossings across the UK:


  • Lifting and reinstalling level crossings for tamping and track works
  • Re-bedding steel and concrete, cess and 6ft, edge beams
  • Planing off road surfacing and resurfacing including all line marking / road studs
  • Renewing panels where damaged
  • Maintaining foot crossings and occupational crossings
  • Refurbishing / cleaning out road drains
  • Maintaining fencing, gates and signage

Renewal & Projects

  • Installing complete new level crossing system, including foundations, edge beams and panels
  • Installing new drainage systems
  • Installing temporary and permanent RRAP's
  • Installing new foot crossings and drivers walkway
  • Constructing bespoke timber RRAP's
  • Dismantling and removing redundant level crossings and equipment
  • Constructing new LC barriers, RTL's, REB bases
  • Constructing new URX's

We have worked with all types of crossing including Strail, Bowmac, Polysafe and HoldFast.